The products in the innovative new Sonya Skincare Collection are a result of breakthrough (anti-aging) technology using superior ingredients including Aloe Vera, fruit extracts, white tea and super-hydrating moisturisers. These products are designed to work together synergistically to achieve beautiful, healthy, radiant, soft skin, that feels like satin to the touch and is heavenly to use.

Indulge in this five-step process, and treat your skin to the luxury it deserves!


  • Suits all skin types and age ranges
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Anti-aging – helps to build up resistance to stresses that cause skin to age
Aloe Nourishing Serum with White Tea preserves and replenishes your skin’s moisture to help maintain its youthful appearance. Just three “pumps” provides the perfect base for Sonya Skincare’s Aloe Balancing Creme.
This alcohol-free skin refreshing toner with Aloe and White Tea provides vital moisture to help keep your skin properly hydrated. Use morning and evening after cleansing with Aloe Purifying Cleanser.
This remarkable cleanser with Aloe and Fruit Extracts gently removes makeup and debris without over drying. It leaves your face feeling wonderfully soft, fresh and clean. For best results, follow with Aloe Refreshing Toner and the other products in the Sonya Skincare line.

This rich, Aloe Vera-based Sunless Tanning Lotion lets you tan safely all year-round without the sun! The more often you apply it, the deeper your tan becomes. Once the desired colour is achieved, less frequent applications are necessary to maintain your tan.

Forever Aloe Sunless Tanning Lotion's special formula pampers your skin with Aloe and other rich moisturisers while giving you a smooth, even tan. Also, it lets you achieve the amount of tanning you desire without having to depend on Mother Nature.